About DGI Metrology-Dimensional Gauge

About DGI Metrology

Dimensional Gauge Company was founded in 1983 by Jim Bible of Spartanburg, SC as the very first dedicated dimensional gauge sales and repair company in South Carolina and now known as DGI Metrology-Dimensional Gauge Company, LLC. DGI Metrology became a part of the new company name to reflect its expansion into other highly specialized calibration services. As originally known as Dimensional Gauge Co. we were first in the United States to become ISO Guide 25 certified in surface plate calibration. First again in the United States to be accredited to ISO-17025 in surface plate calibration. DGI Metrology-Dimensional Gauge Company, LLC was the first lab in the country to be assessed to the latest ISO/IEC 17025:2017 through A2LA and first in the Southeast to achieve it through A2LA. DGI Metrology-Dimensional Gauge Co., LLC is the most respected and technically competent craftsmen in the art of granite surface plate repair serving the Aerospace, Energy, Automotive and Military sectors. In our fixed lab we are not a “clearing house” type calibration company. Rather we chose to specialize in Sound, Vibration and Data Acquisition.

Our Mission

While we provide 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality fixed and mobile laboratories. The management and staff are dedicated to providing efficient, dependable and economical calibration services with the highest integrity.


Our objective is to continuously improve by formalizing our management system and using only state of the art measuring equipment. Our future looks bright!

DGI Metrology Milestones

1983 – Dimensional Gauge was founded. The first and only dedicated dimensional gauging sales and repair company in SC.

1984 – We started specializing only in granite surface plate repair/recertification.

1999 – Dimensional Gauge was the first in the nation to achieve Guide 25 Certification in granite surface plate calibration.

2006 – We began another specialty in the Acoustic/Vibration arena.

2012 – Dimensional Gauge added accreditation in electronics calibration.

2013 – Added National Instruments device accredited calibration.

2016 – Earned factory approval from GRAS Sound and Vibration for accredited calibrations of GRAS equipment.

2017 – Became a distributor of Tru-Stone-Starrett granite surface plates in February.

2017 – We were first in the nation to be assessed to the latest 2017 version of ISO/IEC-17025 through A2LA and first in the Southeast to be accredited to it!

2021 Became the authorized GRAS Sound & Vibration US partner with factory approved calibration and a full-service center in the United States.

2023 Celebrating our 40th anniversary in business beginning in 1983. Built from scratch and a lot of hard work to become widely recognized in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Energy industries. We’ve issued certificates in 40 States and 6 foreign countries.